A Culture of Innovation

A Culture of


Our values propel us to put our clients at the center of everything we do, honor our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, aim high and deliver accurate results, and most importantly: serve as an extension of your team.

  • Tenacity

We are a team of gritty problem solvers who thrive on developing creative solutions and winning as a team. We are inspired by opportunities and challenges, and eager to act.

  •  Innovation

We leverage slick, easy-to-use software to help governments elevate long-term planning by replacing uncertainty with confidence. We learn from clients and provide solutions that support them best.

  • Intelligence

We are world-class forecasting subject matter experts with knowledge that has been established and proven over time. We set clear goals and focus on speed and quality in reaching them.

  •  Approachability

We believe every government deserves accurate forecasting solutions. We meet clients where they are and let them work at their own pace without judgment.  We measure success by our ability to help advance our clients’ work and their professions.

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GovInvest blends the traditional approach of actuarial consulting with a cutting-edge software platform and a dedicated team with decades of hands-on experience. Our application is delivered as a turnkey Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. The presentation of this information is on a user-friendly, cloud-based software to easily project, analyze, and present. Our team takes pride in delivering our products, services, and support in a way that is unmatched. With ongoing client education and support, we feel confident that we can provide any employer exceptional service.

GovInvest has programmed entire multi-employer systems including CalPERS and PSPRS plus 20 other pension systems each varying in size and complexity.

GovInvest has programmed over 85 custom OPEB portals, which our clients use to project, analyze, and present on retiree health plan information.

The GovInvest team will work seamlessly with employers. Our advanced tech and ongoing user-education, experience, and support allow us to be a one-stop shop for any actuarial service.

One of our consulting actuaries will be assigned to your project and the firms we partner with have years of experience, meet all certification requirements, and have extensive experience in the defined benefit actuarial field.