CalPERS Investment Return Part 2: An Action Timeline for Your Agency

What actions should I consider when the 2020 CalPERS valuations are made available? What is included in my 2020 valuation and what’s ahead in the 2021 valuation? In part two of our CalPERS Investment Return webinar series, GovInvest senior public finance experts Dan Matusiewicz and Ira Summer will explore what agencies and their constituents should be aware of including the contours of the risk mitigation policy, further likely discount rate adjustments, hidden costs increase and more. Along with the new challenges, there are also opportunities to reshape your agency’s UAL payment schedule and mitigate overfunding risk.

As you assess or reassess pension funding strategies given the current experience and proposed changes to assumptions, now is the time to gather data, educate your boards, quantify the potential impact on your agency, stress test your baseline assumptions, and understand your timeline to make the most informed decisions.

Key learning objectives:

  • Understand how the changes are likely to be rolled out
  • Learn how to effectively advocate to CalPERS on behalf of your agency
  • Understand what opportunities these changes may present your agency
  • Understand why these changes might not play out favorably
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