How does this platform help my organization?
You are now able to clearly communicate actuarial assumptions to council members, elected officials, and other decision makers without the hassle of dealing with complicated reports.

How much does the service cost?
Our pricing depends on plan membership and the complexity of your plans.

Can I have multiple users added to my dashboard?
Yes. We offer unlimited log-ins as part of our licensing agreement with your municipality.

Is there a demo for the product?
Absolutely! We want you to interact with the software first-hand. Schedule a demo over the web and our team will be happy to take you through the robust capabilities of our technology solutions.

Do you offer technical support?
Yes. We have trained professionals on staff to answer any questions you may have during the on-boarding process and beyond.

Are your reports certified by an actuary?
Definitely. Our actuaries have over 30 years of experience and are members of the Society of Actuaries, so all of our results are certified.

Can GovInvest present the results of my actuarial valuation?
GovInvest is a fully-functional actuarial consulting firm, happy to present to your council/board and answer any questions regarding the state of your pensions and OPEBs.

How is GovInvest different from the other actuarial consulting firms?
GovInvest is bringing actuarial analysis out of the dark ages. Request a demo to find out how!