Pension Obligation Bonds: Their Appeal and Drawbacks in the Current Climate

From the perspective of public sector pensions, last year was notable for the resurgence of interest in pension obligation bonds (POBs) as a means of plan financing and many agencies are trying to figure out if it is for them. Join us for a live, interactive seminar featuring public finance, local government and technology experts who will illuminate some of the considerations and risks associated with POBs that may not be obvious at first glance.

Key learning objectives:

  • Gain a basic understanding of the mechanics of Pension Obligation Bonds (POBs)
  • Learn key points of consideration for assessing if a POB is right for your agency
  • Understand the hidden risks and costs associated with issuing debt to restructure a CalPERS UAL.
  • Explore recent interest rate and capital market updates that impact your agency’s strategy consideration and analysis around assessing if a POB is right for your agency.
  • Understanding the differences between traditional POBs and Lease Revenue Bonds (LRBs)
  • Learn how GovInvest can save you significant time and money during a POB evaluation process
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