Planning for a Post Pandemic Workforce Recruiting and Retention

Watch the replay of our webinar from December 8, 2021.

After living through the stress of the pandemic, many government workers are reassessing what they want from their lives. That includes what they do for a living and where and for whom they do it. As a result, governments that previously had little trouble attracting or retaining labor are struggling to deal with turnover and vacancies. Many agencies are giving a percentage raise as a stop-gap measure, but what about the long-term plan? Will increases in compensation budgets result in increased fixed costs without ensuring an acceptable return on that spending? And how will these factors impact your pension and OPEB costs?

Explore these questions and innovative financial forecasting best practices during this live, interactive session lead by GovInvest Senior Public Finance Expert Charlie Francis with the City of Reno, NV Senior Management Analyst Matt Taylor, CPA.

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