Trends in Retirement Plan Investing and Sustainability
(Session 3: Pension & OPEB Insider)

The pandemic caused local governments to be reactive — focusing on short-term, annual reporting rather than long-term strategic budget plans. As we move forward, we’re now faced with increased inflation and global market uncertainty. Common concerns include:   

  • How do we protect the solvency of our retirement programs without straining our overall budget?  
  • What steps do pension plans and systems need to take to shore up their sustainability? 
  • What are the latest approaches to driving down investment costs? 
  • How are local government and state retirement systems preparing for the future?  

This panel discussion will explore how some governments are applying innovative tools and forecasting solutions to a changing world and building upon their financial resiliency for 10, 20, 30 years ahead. 


  • Brian Binkey, Investment Consultant with Vanguard 
  • Ira Summer, Retirement Program Expert and Public Speaker 
  • Maureen Toal, OPEB Trust Expert and PARS SVP

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