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Better Insights

Better Decisions

Best-in-class software for pension, OPEB, and workforce cost analysis

The #1 Pension, OPEB & Labor software for governments

The #1 Pension, OPEB,

and Labor software solution

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Join the hundreds of government agencies using GovInvest for fiscal planning

“They provide a lot more substance, engage and offer ongoing support.”

“It’s not just an actuarial valuation … others can do that … the customized software, the data, educational webinars, and the fact that we have experts available to us when called upon is really valuable and sets GovInvest apart from the rest.”

Finance Director, City of La Quinta

Use GovInvest for all of your Pension, OPEB and Labor needs

Use GovInvest for all of your Pension, OPEB, and Labor needs

Calculate plan changes – fast and accurately

Our actuaries and public finance experts work with you to bring your actuarial reports to life using the most recent fiscal year-end data.

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“There’s a very high likelihood that we need to look into the pension modeling… just because it’s going to be a pretty significant issue for us like many other agencies in the next couple of years.”

Prepare for the future

Make sound decisions and understand options that are both financially feasible for the agency and advantageous to your employees.

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The software is very user-friendly, and staff is very helpful in assisting with questions and helping to better understand the software data”

Deputy City Manager, City of Brisbane

Know before it happens

Cloud-Based Software empowers stakeholders to run their own actuarial analysis to prepare for ever-changing employee and benefit costs.

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“We leverage the labor aspects to increase transparency and enhance cooperation during labor negotiations. They find it easier to work together towards a compromise with accurate costing data and info-graphics.”

Finance Director, City of Reno

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